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Aside from the popular Jewish heritage travel in and around France, the possibilities of exploring the world and its many wonders are countless once you tour this top-most travel destination. Since a lot of people in varying races have visited and even migrated to this spectacular country, you’d also be able to enjoy its rich culture and the hospitality and class of locals.

Now, since one cannot possibly decide which to visit and which to save for the next tour chardham packages, I’ve come up with a list of some of the tourist spots you should dare not miss once you book a ticket to France. This way, you’d be able to savour your every penny and go home with a luggage full of wonderful memories.

The Louvre

The Louvre is not known as one of the best tourist destinations in France for nothing as the unique architecture of the museum already speaks for itself and it also houses exquisite and world-class artworks and masterpieces, as well as artefacts that are of much historical value. Furthermore, it also holds exhibitions that will surely take you back to the early period and make you appreciate life and its many colours. The museum opens at 9 a.m., and it is open every day, except Tuesday, so if you are planning to fly to France, make it Wednesday!

Palace de Versailles

If it’s royalty you’re after, nothing can ever equal the way Palace de Versailles exhibits class, elegance and the life of a monarchy. Not only does the architecture stand out, but the furniture, the antiques and the artworks are also going to make your eyes shine bright like a crystal. Its garden will also make you feel like you are stepping foot to royalty, making you feel like kings and queens of the earlier century. With all of these and more, there’s no wonder why Palace de Versailles is visited by millions of tourists year by year.

Mont Saint-Michel

Situated at the northwest, Mount Saint-Michel has never failed to attract and hypnotize tourists with its jaw- dropping classical beauty. From afar, it looks like a painting of a medieval town atop a huge rock formation. It is not only beautiful from afar, but it also holds history, dating back to the early battles. Also, you’d see a church made in the medieval times and the exquisite Romanesque Abbey. However, for you to fully enjoy your visit to Mont Saint-Michel, bid a short goodbye to your fancy shoes and say hello to your sneakers as the climb to Abbey is quite challenging, but definitely worth it.

The Eiffel Tower

Who would dare forget the Eiffel Tower, the iron tower that gives you a wonderful view of the city of Paris and the tallest structure you can ever see in the city? Now, you don’t have to worry as you don’t have to climb to reach the top of the tower since there are lifts provided for visitors. So if you wish to see Paris at its finest and reach for the skies, there is no better way to do this that visit the Eiffel tower.