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Rwenzori Mountains

Hiking the Rwenzori Mountains of Africa

The less known Rwenzori Mountains National Park has the highest mountain ranges in Africa. Its highest point lies at 5109m above sea level on...
Gorilla Trekking Experience

Gorilla Tours in East Africa

East African Tours are filled with delights of a wonderful journey down the beautiful forests here thus providing ideal delights and travel pleasures. Take...
Belize Waterfall Rappelling

Go Abseiling and Caving in Belize

There are so many caves in Belize that its inhabitants joke that there is one under every home and that in each cave there...
Guided caravan Tours in United States

Guided Caravan Tours Through America

North America is a massive continent. To put its size in perspective, Europe is 10,180,000 square kilometres with close to 50 countries. North America...
Winter Hiking in Switzerland

Go for the Best Winter Hiking in Switzerland

Regardless of where in the world you are from, the thing that strikes any first time visitor to Switzerland is the meticulous planning, attention...
Rwanda Gorillas

Rwanda Beyond Primates

Rwanda beyond the primate safaris –it is with no doubt that by a mere mention of Rwanda, the first thing that rings at the...
Romantic Gateways

Valentine Weekend Breaks: Enjoy a Romantic Getaway with Your Partner

Don’t know how to spend Valentine’s Day? Just because this year Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, doesn’t mean you cannot spend a romantic...
Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking: A Vacation to the Mountain Gorillas

If you are thinking about taking a wildlife safari or any adventure vacation and you like animals why not do something different and visit...

9 Incredible Wildlife Adventures to Add to Your Bucket list

Take a tiger safari in India As many Netflix-watchers discovered (ahem, “Tiger King”), there are under 4,000 tigers remaining in the wild, which is fewer...
Rwenzori Trek

Go Mountaineering in Uganda

Looking for a combined multi mountaineering trip in Uganda and haven’t reached the conclusion? Find the unique and adventurous Hiking expeditions into the Rwenzori...

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