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Mistakes To Avoid When Renting a Car In Uganda

Renting a car in Uganda or anywhere else for the first time can be tasking and mistakes are bound to be made. With keen...
Rwanda Gorilla

5 Unique Experiences to Have in Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful and diverse country in East Africa, known for its stunning landscapes, wildlife, and rich culture. It is a small landlocked...
Djibouti City

Djibouti Pleasures in Eastern Africa

Visit Africa and enjoy the sights in the different parts of the continent. If you are in Eastern Africa then there are many interesting...
Goree Island Senegal

Travel Pleasures in Goree Island, Senegal

Visit enchanting Western Africa and enjoy the pleasures of this beautiful island near the Dakar coast. This beautiful city is a major tourist destination...
Seychelles Island Archipelago

Seychelles: Life in The Archipelago

The Seychelles are located very near the equator, in the Indian Ocean off of the coast of Africa and is actually made up of...
Rwanda Gorillas

Rwanda Beyond Primates

Rwanda beyond the primate safaris –it is with no doubt that by a mere mention of Rwanda, the first thing that rings at the...
Exploring Uganda

Recommended Places for Winter Holiday to Uganda

No destination beats Uganda when it comes to favorable weather conditions, abundant wildlife and spectacular landscapes. This is one destination where you can explore...
Pride of Lions in Masai Mara Kenya

7 Best Parks for Wildlife Safaris in Kenya

Looking for a perfect destination for your wildlife safari on the African continent? The Kenya safari experience is here to take you through thrilling...
Seychelles Travel Guide

Guide to Visiting the Seychelles Islands

Michel Ernesto has a crooked smile, accentuated by plenty of missing teeth, and squints at me through the early morning sunshine as I examine...
Sweet African Safari

Going on a Sweet African Safari

Any tour around the world can be a sweet one but one has to make it enjoyable by himself. One would ask how he/she...

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