Djibouti City

Visit Africa and enjoy the sights in the different parts of the continent. If you are in Eastern Africa then there are many interesting locales and enchanting destinations in this part of the continent.

Shop till you drop at the Central market in Djibouti and take back with you a memorable shopping experience. Here you would get to see the souk were people in Djibouti shop. The Souk Al Dabbab is one such souk. All the souks are next to each other.

You can also spend a leisurely day at Lake Assal. Reasonably priced with the best of viewpoints, the simple sights of seeing cracks between tectonic plates is something beyond description. Then you also get to see the Ghoubbet el Kharab, which is also known by the name of Devil’s Cauldron. One can also see the rift between the sea and the lake. People usually spend around 45 minutes on the shores of the lake. You would have a lot of time to taste the water here and the fact that it is very salty makes it even more memorable. The day trip to Lake Assal is inclusive of lunch in the gravel beach in the Ghoubbet. Those who like to swim spend time swimming here. Make sure you visit this place only in winter, as summers are very uncomfortable here.

Visit Tadjoura, which is an Arab town in the Gulf of Tadjoura, Dating back to the 12th century it is one of the oldest Eastern African towns. With a long beach and a huge harbour area, the streets though dusty provide greatly interesting sights. Along with these, the whitewashed houses and the rest of the ambiance provide immensely interesting tours here. One can arrive by boat here and you can take a bus or drive down to Djibouti. Though you do not have much to see one enjoys the Plage des Sable Blancs that is around seven kilometers from here. This is a great snorkeling destination and is a fantastic swimming spot.

Seeing the whale shark is another activity here. Tourists come here in the months of October to February, which is when the plankton blooms form here in the Goubet al Kharab. The juvenile whale sharks feed on the water surface and this provides a greatly interesting scene. Come here and enjoy snorkeling, which is a favorite activity of many. There are dive boats here that operate smaller satellite boats and this is another way of enjoying tours here. Whale sighting is done by jumping into the water as soon as a whale is spotted. A boatman helps to do this and all these activities are the ones that provide maximum entertainment.

In this, manner tours to Djibouti in Eastern Africa provide ideal tour ecstasies and make travels very memorable.


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