Seychelles Island Archipelago

The Seychelles are located very near the equator, in the Indian Ocean off of the coast of Africa and is actually made up of 115 islands, both coral and granite. Forty-one of the islands are large enough to be called the Inner Islands, composed entirely of granite, as well as being the oldest oceanic granite islands in the world. The seventy-four Outer Islands are actually composed entirely of coral atolls, that have formed islets. One of the most famous natural and geographical attributes is also the world’s largest raised coral atoll, called Aldabra, and was first discovered thousands of years ago, by Arabian sailors. There are three main islands, Mah©, Praslin and La Digue, where the culture and economy of Seychelles are centred. The other islands in which can be found accommodation are Bird Island, Cerf, Chauve, Souris, Cousine, Denis Island, Fr©gate, North Island, Round Island (Praslin), Silhouette, Ste. Anne.

The islands in Seychelles are a great opportunity to share various activities with your family, relax, or go out and discover the islands on your own.

  • Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, lounging on the famously gorgeous, and uncrowded beaches of Seychelles.
  • Hop from one island to another by boat, with guided tours, or rent a boat, and take yourself and your family on an adventure.
  • Go bicycling, horseback riding, walking, or hiking on some of the natural trails found throughtout the lush forest in Seychelles.
  • Take a tour through the famous Vallee de Mai, where you’ll discover the rare, and legendary Coco-de-Mer, which can only be found in Seychelles, extinct in all other parts of the world.
  • Lounge in the laid back atmosphere of Seychelles casinos, bars, and nightclubs. Enjoy the local company, music, and cuisine.
  • Tour the cities in Seychelles, and discover authentic Creole homes, and lifestyles, street-side markets, the studios of local artists, and much more.

The majority of cuisines you’ll find when in Seychelles is Creole, or International; International basically means a little bit of this and that for the tourists. Creole cuisine has been made famous in the United States by where it is usually served in New Orleans, Louisiana. Creole cuisine is a fusion of different ethnicity, such as French, Spanish, French Caribbean, African, as well as some Italian influences. Many people are confused between Cajun and Creole, and usually conclude that they’re the same; this is inaccurate. Cajun is more an American development, whereas Creole leans more towards its European origins. Popular Creole dishes that you’ll find in Seychelles are Crabmeat Ravigote, Gumbo, Chicken Creole, Maque choux, Bread pudding, Grillades and Grits, as well as some exceptional Creole drinks, such as Hurricanes, and Sazerac cocktails.

Getting around in Seychelles in generally hassle-free, there are domestic flights for getting back and forth between the major islands, and ferries as well, which will take you to other islands as well. Visitors can also take advantage of buses, and taxis in Seychelles; public transportation is modern and clean. There is also the option of renting a vehicle; Seychelles isn’t especially over-populated and driving from place to place doesn’t involve a lot of waiting in traffic. Accommodation options in Seychelles are numerous depending on tastes; visitors can patronize five star luxury hotels and spa resorts, cozy beach-side cottages and bungalows, or stay in more rustic campgrounds or lodges.


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