New York City

The New York City is popularly known as the Big Apple. This is because this city has to offer a lot of things to anyone who visits it. It is a place where dreams are realised and aspirations are met with. It is one of the most important states of the United States of America as it signifies the hub of all the media, cultural, food, and fashion and finance industry. It is for this reason that people call it the “city that never sleeps”.

Situated at the mouth of the river Hudson, this city has a lot of exciting things to offer. It is very rich in terms of its history and cultural heritage. Every neighbourhood of New York has a different story to narrate. The city has in store many tourist attractions that are bound to leave the tourists mesmerised and longing for more. Prominent places like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and many more, mark a distinct place for this city on the world map.

Millions of tourists turn up each year to witness the beauty of this city and the various luxuries that it has to offer. The city of New York has a lot to offer in terms of shopping. Many famous brands have found their origin in this city. Not only it is the fashion capital for the United States of America but it is the best place to discover a variety of shopping items.

People, who have an inclination towards shopping in New York, can either go for the mall shopping or the street shopping. There are a large number of malls in the city that are embedded with many well known brands and stores. These stores offer you the best deals in all categories of items. For those who want to experience the real New York must visit the streets for satisfying their shopping desires. There are a number of things that you would love to buy including: Art supplies, Books, Sports goods, Cosmetics, Jewellery, House ware, Music and videos and Electronics

Once you are tired of exploring the city streets and malls, an eatery joint is what acts as a cherry on the cake. The city of New York is inhabited by a large number of people that belong to many sectors of the world. The result is that there is a large variety of food items to choose from. These food items are well catered by some of the most famous restaurants of the world. Varieties like American, Asian, Chinese, French, Indian, Italian, Mexican and Thai etc are very readily available in the city. There are foods that would tickle your taste buds and keep you longing for more.

Thus, this city has everything that is required to make travelling and exploration a wonderful experience. Apart from it being the busiest cities of the world, it steals time to showcase itself truly to those who visit it for pleasure and fun making sure that they come back again and again to experience New york to its fullest.


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