Manchester City

Manchester is a city which is situated in the North West of England. The city developed as an urban area during the industrial revolution when there was a boom in textile manufacturing. It became the world’s first industrialised city. It was first granted city status in 1853 after it had a large increase in factories and mills. In 1877 the Manchester Ship Canal opened, which at the time was the world’s longest river navigation canal.
Industrialism decreased in Manchester after World War 2 which in turn decreased its fortunes. However a lot of investment was put into the city to regenerate it after the 1996 IRA bombing. If you enter the city now, you will notice a contrast in old and new buildings, the former being the survivors of the bomb and the latter being the transformation of the city.

You can explore the history of Manchester in the city itself, by visiting its popular museums such as the Museum of Science and Industry, the Museum of Transport, The Manchester Museum, and in Trafford, a neighbouring borough, is the Imperial War Museum North.

Today, the city of Manchester has a population of just over 512,000, but it is part of the larger area of Greater Manchester, which has a population of over two and a half million.
It is noted recognised globally for a number of concepts including its architecture, for example the Manchester Town Hall is considered to be one of the most important Victorian buildings in the world and it is built with gothic architecture, its music culture, as it is home to some of the world’s most notable musicians including The Courteeners and Oasis, its media connections, scientific and engineering output, and even more famously, it’s sporting connections, in particular Manchester United Football Club.

The high streets in the city centre are always full of shoppers as it has an extensive array of high street and designer shops, as well as the Arndale Shopping Centre and food court. The print works is another unique place in Manchester which holds some of the city’s most popular bars and restaurants, and the Odeon cinema.

From mid-november, the Manchester Christmas markets begin in which stall holders from all over the world come to sell their produce, handmade crafts, unique items, and local cuisine. There are cooked sausages from Germany available, beer tents, mulled wine stalls, and many more which make these markets a unique and very popular experience.


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