Costa Rica Volcano

A Costa Rica travel vacation is like visiting another planet. From lush tropical rain forests to active volcanoes, Costa Rica runs the gamut of natural adventure. White water rafting, horseback riding, hiking, and kayaking are also available in this beautiful vacation spot.

One of the more unique aspects of a Costa Rica travel vacation is the chance to ride a zip line over the top of the rain forest. This thrilling ride offers a spectacular aerial view of the jungle from a very unique perspective. If you prefer to keep your feet on a solid surface, you can ride through the treetops on the rain forest aerial tram.

The volcanoes that crafted your Costa Rica travel vacation landscape are still active, and you can take a tour to watch them in all of their powerful glory. The Arenal volcano is surrounded by hot springs, which send plumes of steam into the air regularly.

Powerful rivers run through the rain forest, and there are tours available for you to spend your Costa Rica travel vacation riding the rapids on a raft or kayak. If you’d prefer a dry exploration of the rivers, there are horseback tours as well as hiking or bicycling tours.

When you’re done exploring the natural wonders of Costa Rica, you will find plenty of shopping along the city streets. Vendors sell hand made items from carts and booths, and you will find unusual treasures that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Official art and craft tours are available on certain days of the week.

The Manuel Antonio National Park alone could provide everything you need for a memorable Costa Rica travel vacation. Lush natural forests and pristine coastline are untouched by modern machinery. You can see how the landscape must have looked centuries ago before mankind ever set foot in Costa Rica.

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