Whale Tours Newzealand

If you don’t know New Zealand has an unrivalled display of wildlife! A ridge of mountains formed by a volcanic eruption over 600 years is undoubtedly the ideal location for different types of Awesome wildlife.

on you’re New Zealand holidays you’re most likely to fly into the capital city of Auckland, the Capita is nestled between two harbours which give the area a tremendous maritime climates which attract a great multitude of wildlife to the region, if you’re taking Auckland Holidays be sure to take a Sea life Safaris which are probably the best in the world if you’re looking to see large maritime mammals.

Some excursions allow you to swim in the waters with the seals and dolphins which can be a magical experience, several of the oceanic inspired New Zealand Tours cruise out for quite a distance into the vast oceans in search for pods of humongous sperm whales and Orcas (killer Whales)

If you’re looking to take a Self Drive Holidays In New Zealand it’s a given that you head down to the otago peninsula where you you’ll be astonished by the last known flock of the Albatross which is the largest fly bird in the world! For those of you who don’t know the albatross isn’t just a fleetwood mac song it’s also the world largest bird which has a swing span of over 3 meters!

These are just some of the highlighted wildlife which shrouds the marvellous country of new Zealand as there are plenty more mythic creatures which wander the lands (not just sheep) and if a nature enthusiast the Plants you’ll be lucky to know that the plants and botany is rich and expansive here due to the volcanic soils which blanket the country being rich in nutrients and beneficial minerals.


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