Biking Around USA

America is a vast country. And contrary to the image sometimes projected in the press and movies, this country is not all about concrete side walks snaking through acres of towering office blocks. America has huge swathes of undisturbed and protected lands.

There are as many interesting places to see and visit in its rural interior as there are in its large cities. Depending on how much time you have and how far you want to go, a motorbike or an ordinary bike is one of the best ways to appreciate America up close. Bike tours could be as brief as a couple of city blocks or as comprehensive as an East-to-West Coast ride.

To achieve the greatest fulfillment out of your trip, it usually helps to develop a theme for your bike tour. For instance, are you interested in a journey through America’s key historic milestones are you looking more towards a holiday biking tour? Or maybe you would like both? Once you are clear on what you would like to come out with at the end of the trip, then it makes it easier for both you and bike tour organizers to develop a tour that resonates with what you want.

For a history-laden bike tour, the east and southeast of the US have possibly the largest concentration of historic sites and parks from the country’s Civil War and the Revolutionary War. Some of the locations have such an extensive range of interesting sites that, unless you are planning a passing glance, you will have to stop over for more than a day to cover them in detail.


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