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Safety on any road trip in your car rental Uganda is an essential factor for anyone with plans to explore the hidden treasures of the country. Often, things happen when you least expect them and you can’t be too careful or be informed about them. Paying keen attention while behind your 4×4 drive wheel is key and always important to take note of safety tips at all times.

Here are the top car hire passenger tips to keep you safe on the open road

Pay keen attention to blind spots

While behind the wheel, always remember that the best defense is defense. Whether you are driving a truck or a 4×4 rental car in Uganda, paying close attention to the areas behind your side mirror should be a must-do. When turning or needing to change lanes, do not forget the person behind you and by so doing, you can be saving yourself and everyone else on a road trip.

Observe the rules and regulations

All destinations have their set regulations for road users to follow. What is most essential of all and basic is wearing your seat belt, observing the local speed limits, and road signage should be respected at all times while driving in any part of Uganda. Before you set off for the actual trip, first, you must read and understand all the relevant road regulations and make sure that you drive them at the back of your mind. In so doing, you won’t be saving yourself from road accidents but also serve as a savior on your wallet from hefty fines that could have been levied on you.

Slow down around curves

It is not common sense that everyone knows when you get to a curved road; you are supposed to slow down. Often, drivers have been spotted speeding up even in areas with road signs of curved roads. This has resulted in most road accidents in many road networks not only in Uganda but most destinations in the world.

Load your car with care

When packing for your road trip, keen attention must be exercised on how or what you load.

Offer assistance when needed/required

In case you happen to be at an unknown destination, you can assist your driver read say the digital maps. This can save you from any potential road accident because he or she can have full concentration when driving.

Allow your driver to concentrate

Full concentration is required by the driver while you navigate through the remotest part of Uganda. Avoid things like shouting, playing loud music and others that can easily make the driver lose focus. Once you get to your destination, feel free to do whatever you wish. Often, road accidents are caused due to such seemingly minor incidences.

Don’t overreact to sudden occurrences

Driving a rental car in a new destination comes with its challenges. It can be stressful being the first time and encountering what you used not to experience back home. Things like loud noise and muddy roads may be the case in Uganda but let it not distract you by you overreacting. Be focused and navigate smoothly to your destination.

Rest where need be

Adequate rest is essential if you plan to embark on long distance road trips. It isn’t easy driving for long hours to your destination and often, we advise that you have multiple stopovers to allow your muscles to relax and then proceed with your trip.

Try as much as you can to avoid the backseat driver syndrome

Where a passenger often criticizes every action taken by the driver, higher chances are that stress can build up. As a result, there is the possibility of road accidents occurring.

Take note of weather changes

Weather patterns keep changing from time to time, and it all requires your preparation. Where there is rain it is important to reduce on your speed. At a slow speed limit, it is possible for you to safely make a turn or change to your preferred lane unlike when you are in high gear.

In summary, it is a collective responsibility of everyone on a road trip to ensure they have a safe and secure journey. Observing such important travel tips can save you and your dear one while on a road trip.


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