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What is Tour Guides 2012?

Tour Guides 2012 is a resource created by active travelers for active travelers. Our goal? To help you stay active while traveling. We are here to help you figure out where to run, bike, swim, hike, etc., when you’re on the road. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure we know that you don’t want to be stuck on a hotel treadmill when there is an inspiring run just around the corner. We are here to get you to that run, through that run, and back to your accommodations. And you might even learn something along the way.

As a company, Tour Guides 2012 is dedicated to promoting healthy living, environmental awareness and international understanding. In the twenty-first century, these guiding principles are integral to driving individuals of all countries, backgrounds, and understandings to making the world a better place. At Blaze we believe that as travelers, our connection to other cultures starts with our physical immersion in them. It starts with our first moment, our first breath, our first step out into the street. With that movement we open our hearts and our minds; we actively engage with the unknown.

At Tour Guides 2012 we tell our users to “Lace up and go!” By compiling a global resource of all the information travelers need to run, bicycle, swim, and be physically active while traveling, we are leading the way into a new era of travel and fitness. We want you to have that inspiring active travel experience that you deserve. Blaze on, friends.