Renting a car in Uganda or anywhere else for the first time can be tasking and mistakes are bound to be made. With keen care, it is possible to avoid several of such mistakes that most visitors make that lead to high costs. In this article, we bring the list of common mistakes made by a first-time car rental in Uganda and how to avoid them.

Booking your rental car late

Often, most travelers book their rental cars only a few days or weeks to the actual date of visiting Uganda. This is a huge mistake that can be avoided and if you want to have your ride secured, we always recommend that you do so at least 6 months early. The demand for rental cars is always high and meaning, there could be inadequate supply more so during the peak season.

Paying too late

When hiring a car in Uganda, most companies accept a first deposit or even no deposit. Where a company reserves for you a car with no deposit, it is such a mistake because, at any time, bookings can be canceled, especially during the peak season when demand increases. If the prices hike and there is you who didn’t make any deposit, higher chances are available client can take up your position. Endeavor to make some deposits and complete the balance on the day of collecting your ride.

Not possessing a credit card for the security deposit

A credit card is often used on the day of picking the car and it is what authorizes a security deposit. It contains the driver’s name, and the details the company requires for record purposes. While some companies require credit cards for security deposit, it is important to inquire from other car hire service providers what they require of you on the day of collecting your vehicle.

Leaving behind relevant documents

Your documentation is essential as soon as your mind starts thinking about traveling to any destination. From passports, and visas to driving licenses, these shouldn’t be left behind otherwise; the car hire service provider may deny you a car. In simple terms, when hiring a car in Uganda, ensure that you have met all the requirements as per the company’s terms and conditions.

Arriving late

Traveling first time to a new destination comes with its challenges and often, visitors tend to get there too late. At times, there are delays by flights or a shortage of cars to get there. Where there are delays by flights, first, you should communicate to the car hire service provider about your situation.

Failing to check scratches and dents

Before and after the car use, first, you must conduct a thorough check on the vehicle’s dents and scratches. The record of such details must be taken to avoid incurring a huge cost on what didn’t happen in your hands. The records should be presented to the car rental service provider whom you will be dealing with.

Signing the car rental contract without reading

Don’t always be in a rush to place your signature without going through what is on the document. Whatever you sign means you have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions stipulated.

Pickup & return times

Usually, visitors do violet the car pickup and return terms and conditions. But this comes with a cost and this is why we encourage all guests to ensure that they respect the agreed time for picking up their rides and returning them.

In summary, mistakes happen but can be avoided. Reach out to our team via, and you will have all the assistance you require to secure your dream ride suitable for all road trips in the pearl of Africa.


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