A thick red ribbon fell into two halves at the entrance of Superstition Meadery as a pair of giant gold scissors cut through it. The crowd cheered and toasted to the grand opening with pumpkin mead. An Irish band broke into a jig as soon as the pieces of red fabric hit the wood floor.

Superstitutin MeadleyThe next few exciting hours were spent in celebration as guests sipped on mead that had been aged in a bourbon barrel or infused with maple syrup, prickly pear, black currant, or marion berry. Made with local Arizona honey, each of the seven meads created by Superstition Meadery offer a unique hand crafted flavor that startles and satisfies.

From the sharp bite of the bourbon barrel aged Lagrimas de Oro to the slightly softer but just as flavorful Maple Stinger to the sparkling Black Forest and Marion Mead that were sure to pair perfectly with dark chocolate desserts, each mead has something special for every kind of craving. Another favorite was the Tahitian Honeymoon with its whispering vanilla bean sweetness and complex flavor that played across our palates. The celebratory drink of the day was the pumpkin mead that resembled a spicy pumpkin pie and was dangerously easy to drink.

Located in a revitalized historic building across from the Prescott courthouse, Superstition Meadery can be found downstairs from the Spice Traveler. In the warm heart of the brick building, patrons are free to try a variety of meads and perhaps develop a fondness for the new meadery’s craft.

After tasting their seven varietals and learning more about the business, I was happy to have been able to join in their celebration and I hope to see them succeed. If you find yourself in the Prescott area, treat yourself to this delicious and exciting addition to Arizona’s honey highway.


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