Travel People

Whether you’re travelling solo or with an entourage, travel inescapably involves meeting new people. But are we all as unique as we’d like to think? Read on to find out if you fall into one of these categories or if you’re an elusive exception to the rule…

1. The Party Animal

This nocturnal creature can be found either huddled in a beer stained corner at midday avoiding sunlight like a vampire or passed out on the grimy tiles of the communal bathroom floor. Most conversations will begin with a drowsy “I’m so hungover” or a confused “what happened last night?” They base their itinerary on the price of alcohol and would not be seen dead standing in line at the Louvre or staring at Stonehenge. Sightseeing would just interfere with their hectic party schedule.

2. The Hippie

This long haired, carrot munching fellow is a fixture in all hostels. They are rarely seen without a guitar and probably know all the staff by name. They speak wistfully of adventure and may be on a quest for spiritual enlightenment. It’s unlikely that they’ve worked in years and survive off busking and calling in favours.

3. The Expert

The expert is a seasoned travel professional. Name a place, they’ve been there. Whether it’s hiking through the South American jungles or living with the Maasai Warriors in Kenya. They’re bound to have a tonne of crazy stories so if you can deal with the tone of condescension, the expert isn’t a bad travel companion.

4. Mr/Mrs Flashy

To Mr/Mrs Flashy travel is just another means of burning cash. While you’re busy counting your pennies, they’re off buying the latest travel gadget or filling up on juicy steaks at a local restaurant. They stare at your plain pasta or slightly burnt toast with distain.

5. The Old Man

Whether caught in the grip of a mid-life crisis or simply trying to relive their youth, you’re bound to meet the Old Man on your travels. While the endless stream of dad jokes may grate on your nerves, he’s sure to have some good advice that may come in handy.


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