Best Pizza in America

So you love pizza? You really love pizza and want to find the best places in America to taste it. Read on. You really will be in pizza heaven in most states of America, since it has become the staple food for many American, as much as burgers, if not more so. The fast food thing in America? It’s real. There are fast food outlets everywhere and the food is cheap. But be choosy about where you buy your pizza, as there are definitely some restaurants that are a cut above.

New York

Tracking down the best pizza in New York is a labour of love. In Manhattan you’ll be told to head for award-winning ‘Joe’s’ on 111, Broadway, or the coal fired brick ovens at John’s pizza at 278 Bleecker Street (between 6th Avenue & 7th Avenue.) They’re certainly getting rich on repeat custom, but are they the best? Further investigation is always required. Head for Grimaldi’s, the talk of the town under the Brooklyn Bridge. It seems to be extremely popular and getting better all the time. But the real buzz centres on a pizza restaurant called Lucali’s. It can be found in Carroll Gardens and queues form to eat there. They are said to make simply the best pizza and calzone in New York City right now.


If you’re in California, you’re not in classic pizza country. They do things differently in California and this can be said of their spin on the pizza too. You won’t find meat heavy deep-pan greasy pizzas in California   notoriously health and style conscious. Traditionalists may not like it, but the pizza’s here are far more sophisticated than their Chicago meat packing counterparts. In California you’ll find a more gourmet twist to your pizza, with fancy toppings. One of the best restaurants is Oakland Pizzaiolo, where the menu offers pizza with ‘rapini and housemade sausage,’ ‘wild nettles and pecorino’ and ‘Milan clams, garlic and hot pepper’. You get the idea. It is delicious, however.


The top choice in Chicago must be Giodano’s at several locations across the city. Here they produce their famous stuffed pizza. The restaurant is highly commended, being awarded the ‘Best Pizza in America’ title by NBC. Almost everyone who has visited a Giodano’s has raved about their pizzas and it’s easy to see why they are going from strength to strength. Deep filled, delicious pizza. Their speciality pizza is stuffed with sausage, green pepper, mushroom and onions. You won’t need to eat again for a week.

New Haven

New Haven is famous for its local ‘clam pizza,’ an unlikely sounding tomato free, mozzarella and clam concoction. Most notable is Frank Pepe’s in Wooster Square, its original 1920s location. This traditional, old fashioned pizza parlour is in the Italian district and has been serving customers since 1925 and is one of the best known pizza restaurants in the United States. Frank Pepe was born on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, just to the south west of Naples and was a poor, uneducated Italian immigrant, who arrived in 1909. These days Pepe’s has not strayed far from its roots, offers simple but beautifully made Neapolitan pizzas. Tradition counts when it comes to pizza cooking and the best pizzerias have Italian owners and cooks. Pepe’s speciality is white clam pizza pie, which has ‘Fresh clams with grated cheese, olive oil, fresh garlic and oregano’. For the traditionalist there is plenty on offer. But why not try the clams.


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