Dubai Carmel Tours

In a few short years, the middle East has quickly emerged as a top holiday spot, with destinations like Dubai attracting millions of tourists with its clean modern city scape on a dessert back drop and beautiful beaches. Dubai hasn’t got it all its own way however, it may have started the trend for Middle East holidays but there are other competitors waiting the wings offering alternatives to the same old Mauritius holidays.

What is the reason for this part of the world suddenly experiencing a flood of tourists? Oil is an extremely lucrative commodity and it will continue to be until it runs out. This means that any area that drill oil and sell it on will by default become incredibly rich. All this means that countries which have access to this oil have the potential to make millions of pounds from it. This is exactly what’s happened to a number of middle Eastern countries and cities.

This rapid and continual flow of cash has meant that places like Dubai can go from a virtually unheard of village to a major global city. Dubai is now a business hub and the location of multiple Dubai holidays. Other destinations have piggybacked of Dubai’s success.

The fact that Bahrain has its own F1 Gp really put the country on the map. Qatar hosts a round of the Moto GP motorbike racing series and has just secured the 2022 World Cup. Abu Dhabi now also host a formula one race, and the track is widely regarded as one of the best in the sport. Oman is becoming popular with families. All this demonstrates that the Emerites are making it on the world stage and make great late holiday deals.


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