2018 has finally arrived and with it one of the most important events for any football fan. From 10 June to 11 July 2018, people from different countries around the world will fill the streets of 11 Russian cities. Russia, the biggest country in the world, with a population of more than 130 million people, has the opportunity to show the world its hospitality, generosity and the strength. This 2018, Russia has the fortune and responsibility to host the most important event of worldwide football.

Whether you’re a football fan or not, the world cup always awakes feelings on anyone. The opportunity of watching England pass the group stages and reach the cup is a dream come true for anyone in the country. But, the world cup is also the perfect opportunity to learn more about the cities, regions and culture of the host nation. We all know the “most important” cities of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg are names that ring a bell in our brain. Both cities full of charm and character, with fabulous landmarks and unique attractions. However, does Kazan or Nizhny Novgorod sounds familiar to you?

On this 2018, 11 cities of Russia will welcome hundreds of thousands of football fans from around the planet, so check out this post and discover the World Cup host cities. Please note, this post doesn’t include Moscow and St. Petersburg, these 2 cities deserve their own post.

Discover the World Cup host cities

Nizhny Novgorod


Nizhny Novgorod is located only 400 km east of Moscow and is considered one of the most important cities in Russia. In recent years, Nizhny has attracted a large number of visitors thanks to its good reputation and beautiful landscape. Furthermore, the city features an ancient Kremlin and a lovely Cathedral as well as numerous monuments. The closest airport is the Strigino International Airport. This city will host England encounter on 24 June 2018.



Kaliningrad features an odd location because it’s a Russian enclave in Europe, between Poland and Lithuania. Despite the typical image of Russian cities, snow and cold climate, Kaliningrad features beautiful sandy beaches, trees and birds. For years, the city remained closed for tourists as served as a military area. Kaliningrad has been part of Russia since 1945 since then all its inhabitants were forced to speak Russian. However, in the city, you will find a fabulous blend of cultures, German origins and modern Russian culture makes this city a very interesting destination. The city will host England encounter on 28 June 2018.



Sochi or how everyone knows it in the country, the summer capital of Russia. This city enjoys a subtropical climate perfect to warm up Russian elite during the summer. Impressive and modern are its most remarkable characteristics. Sochi becomes relevant in 2007 when won the bid for being the host of 2017 Winter Olympic Games. New infrastructure, fabulous sports venues and a large number of commercial and residential buildings adorn the areas of this beautiful seaside resort.



Located in the middle of the Russian countryside, around 650 kilometres of Moscow, the city was famous for 2 facets: for its numerous prisons and for giving shelter to the French actor Gerard Depardieu, who owns a residence since 2013, when he obtained the Russian Nationality. Where is Saransk ? Everyone in Russia ask this question to themselves, which does not understand how a “village” of about 300,000 inhabitants could have been chosen as one of the World Cup host cities. The reason why the city was chosen is thanks to its size, in Saransk visitors can reach the stadium by walking from everywhere, including the train station.



“Volga City” or “Stalingrad” will be always famous for being the “Hero City”, as it was where the Russian defeat the German in the Battle of Stalingrad. The city was founded in the 16th century, and since its origins, Volgograd has always been relevant. Volgograd is famous for its industrial power and oil fields. The city will host England-Tunisia on 18 June.



The city of Samara is the administrative centre of the Samara region, one of the largest cities in Russia, located on the high left bank of the Volga River, at the “bend” of the Samara Bend, between the mouths of the Samara and Sok rivers. It is the administrative centre of the Samara region with a population of 1,135,000 people. The main attractions in Samara are the Orthodox churches and churches with ancient traditions, two mosques, a Jewish synagogue, as well as churches, Catholics and Protestants. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a pleasant stroll along the shores of the Volga.



The Russian Manchester” is a stylish, thriving city with an interesting music scene and the shortest metro in the world. Yekaterinburg is a reflection of the modernity of Russia. Filled with modern buildings, it is different from touring other cities that stand out for their vestiges of the Russian Empire. Certainly, Yekaterinburg is a beautiful location worthy to be one of the 11 World Cup host cities.



The city is widely known as “The southern capital of Russia” and the gateway to the Caucasus. All its nicknames emphasize the splendour of the city, a city with more than a million inhabitants. The main attractions of the city are the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the embankment, which is perfect for a nice day out enjoying the sunny days of June.



Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, which belongs to the Russian Federation. In addition, it’s the most populated city in the entire region, with more than a million inhabitants. Being the eighth most populous city in all of Russia, Kazan is a very important thanks to its strategic location on the banks of the Volga River. It’s not a city with a vast history; it was founded relatively recently, in 1005. Work of the tribe of the Bulgarians of the Volga has become a centre of vital importance in the Russian territory. At the level of science, research, education, culture, architecture and sports, Kazan is one of the country’s benchmarks.

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