Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is one of the most frequently visited tourist spots in the world. According to the website Statista around 42.94 million people visited Las Vegas in 2016. That’s a pretty large amount for a single year. Vegas is open and running round the clock. This is why traffic in Las Vegas is often a mess. Finding a parking space is a common problem. It can be real hard to park your car. That’s why many people think that it is better to walk on foot in Vegas. But this also depends on how long it takes to walk from point a to b. The famous Las Vegas strip stretches on 4.2 miles. Given the number of people on that stretch it can take around 90 minutes to cover the distance. It can be an arduous task. Not only the strip is filled with pedestrians but there are also a good number of cars in the area.

Most pedestrians take the sidewalk. It is completely safe. You can enjoy the sight of nearby attractions and glamour. You can stop and check out your favorite spot easily. There are plenty of shops, casinos, hotels and restaurants to find fun in. But the hot temperature and continuous walking can take their toll on you. Vegas can be very hot in the summer season. So you need to carry a water bottle, an umbrella to cover yourself from sunlight. Prolonged walking can hurt your feet if you are wearing high heels or sandals. So a good pair of sports shoes is the best choice if you want to enjoy without injuring yourself. You can’t cover the distance only on a water bottle. Take regular stops for refreshments and regular eating.

You should never jaywalk  along the way. It is completely illegal and heavy fines are imposed on jaywalkers. Moreover in case of an accident there are high chances that you can lose your claim if it is proved that you were jaywalking at the time of accident. If you don’t have right of way where you are walking, it is called jaywalk. Use sidewalks and crosswalks. There are pedestrian overpasses to cross. Although most of the accidents occur within the parameters of crosswalk, you should take utmost care in following the rules.

Besides walking the distance, you can also opt for hiring a taxi or taking a rental car. Other public transport such as a tram and monorail are also available for the ease of visitors. So, there are different options available to travel on the Las Vegas strip. But despite all these safe options, there are high chances that you can get caught in an accident because of the intensity of crowd. In case of a crash you can suffer financial and emotional injuries. And if you are a pedestrian, your chances of getting severely injured are even higher. It is very difficult to prove before jury that you deserve proper compensation, especially if you are trying to do that on your own. Attorneys at Ladah Law Firm can help you in getting the compensation which can cover your medical expenses and loss of any wrongful death.


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