Aussie Football

Australia; home of great weather, fantastic beaches and interesting wildlife but the Australian culture also acts as a great reason to visit the Land Down Under. The sporting passion stands for a lot in Australia, you simply have to be present at an Ashes match to witness it, therefore while on holiday in the sunny country be sure to fit one of these great sports into the travel itinerary.

Aussie Rules Football

It even has Australia in the name! Aussie Rules was first played in 1858 in Melbourne and, as such, has turn out to be a household name in the Australian societies. The Australian Football League, the AFL, is the most established and much-admired competition in the sport so if you are in Australia when a match is on you won’t regret to see it. It has the highest spectator attendance rate of all sports in the country.


Every Briton will know of the Ashes rivalry, but no matter your origin cricket is a fantastic sport in Australia. Whether you are a cricketer yourself or just enjoy watching a match there are plenty of venues to whet your hunger. The Australian national cricket team joins England as the joint oldest team in Test cricket, so if you could face the rivalry it is well worth experiencing the sport Down Under.


With its miles of beaches and fantastic swell, Australia is also known for its great surf hotspots. If you are going to try any sport during a visit to Australia, surfing would have to be the one of your choice. Even if it is just to experience Australia’s warm waters this adrenaline fueled sport is both great to watch and take part in – from Bondi to Byron, you could experience the best beaches and waters.


If anyone has watched the World Cup, they will know that Australia is a big fan of rugby. Playing both League and Union you could experience rugby the Aussie way during Australian holidays and if you manage to catch a game there is no atmosphere quite like it.

Horse Racing

Thoroughbred horse racing is deeply important to the Australian sporting people. As the third most attended spectator sport in the country after Aussie Rules and rugby league, it too has a buzz about it on race day. All over the world, Australia has more racecourses than any other nation and is just second to the U.S. while it comes to the number of horses starting in races annually. So, if you are a fan of a race betting, surely Australia is the place to be.


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