Guided caravan Tours in United States

North America is a massive continent. To put its size in perspective, Europe is 10,180,000 square kilometres with close to 50 countries. North America on the other hand comprises Canada, the United States and Mexico and totals 24,709,000 square kilometres.

As one would expect with such an enormous area, there are numerous natural, historical and cultural sites to see. While travel by air is common place when commuting from one point to another in North America, a caravan tour allows for a more intimate appreciation of all that the 3 countries have to offer.

A guided caravan tour is also relatively affordable especially if you are travelling with the whole family. And once you hire the caravan, you can kiss any additional costs of accommodation goodbye save for caravan park fees. What’s more, a guided tour is virtually hassle free. For a single, all inclusive price, you no longer need to worry about organizing and planning your trip on your own. A guide also ensures you can better understand the story around every site along the way.

There is a lot of flexibility in available tours with some as short as a day while longer tours can run for as long as two weeks. It all depends on your objectives, the area you intend to cover and of course how much you are willing to spend. One of the most popular destinations for caravan tours in America is Mount Rushmore. This world famous mountain in Keystone (South Dakota) sees thousands of local and foreign visitors each year. Carved on the mountain’s sides are the faces of 4 of America’s most cherished presidents – Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington.


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