Marrakech of Morocco

Morocco is an exciting, unique and friendly country which offers host to a multitude of unforgettable holidays, beach side towns offering warm long days on beautiful shores, long lost cities with a large and varied history, and a varied landscape to explore, ranging from hard deserts, leading to woodland. Whether you want a romantic honeymoon break, escape from a grey city, or just a break from a monotony of life, Morocco has it all.

A Moroccan Guide

Even though Morocco offers so much for any holiday maker, and due to this is quickly increasing in popularity in the tourist industry, Morocco has a bad name for being a difficult county to take a holiday too. Would be visitors should focus on researching the needs of a holiday maker, including those who are looking to rent a villa, riad or palace. Visiting morocco can be a rememberable experience to treasure, as long as any would be travelers remember that a holiday to Morocco is a lot different to a holiday in Europe.

About Morocco

Morocco is a country found on the north west coast of Africa, and is a hub of culture, great food and wonderful architecture all deriving from its African heritage, but also covered in a layer of European flavour, the result of being so close to Europe, and its years of French empiric rule. The information below should help you with your research of a holiday to Morocco.

Basic guide to going on holiday to Morocco

The local time in Morocco is GMT (London time)

Electrical supply: At the time of writing the average electricity supply is 220 volts, 50Hz. The Two pin round plugs are the most commonly in use.

Languages: Arabian is the main language spoken inside the country of Morocco, but eight other languages are also widely spoken including Spanish, Berber and French. English speaking Natives are mostly found around the main tourist areas, but French is most widely known.

Medical information: No vaccinations are necessary when entering Morocco. It is generally usual practice to only drink bottled water when outside main towns and cities, and avoiding food sold on streets is essential. Hospitals are in most major towns and insurance is a necessity.

Tipping staff: usual tip, of ten too fifteen percent, is generally expected in the more high class bars and restaurants, though many places have a built in service charge. lot of the services preformed by staff are done with the ultimate aim of getting a higher tip, but don’t let yourself be pushed around by strong hustling

Morocco Safety Warnings: Assault is not a major problem inside Morocco,, though there have been a few cases of armed thievery with knives on beaches and main cities. General common sense such as staying away from dim lit streets should keep you safe. Guides should be able to show a badge from a local tourist authorities. Generally visits to Morocco are trouble free, but like any country, acts of terrorism have occurred before, and tourists are advised to keep a watchful eye on their holidays.

Moroccan customs and Laws: since Morocco is a Muslim dominated country, the showing of naked skin is generally a bad idea, so avoiding shorts, swimsuits and other showing clothes outside of your hotel or beach, as you, especially females, will be less hassle. Smoking is a common hobby, and is generally shared inside social situations. It is important that religious customs are respected for example during the month of Radaman, eating drinking and smoking should be done out of sight since it is disallowed by the Muslim customs. Things should only be passed from person to person with the right hand, since the left hand is seen as unclean. Gay and lesbian acts are a criminal offense, and none marital sexual relations are against the law.

Duty Free Laws: People (Over the age of eighteen) entering Morocco can bring:
50 Cigars or 200 Cigarettes or 400 grams of tobacco.
1 ltr spirits & 1 ltr of wine.
5 grams of perfume.

Communicating abroad while in Morocco:

Morocco’s international access code is +212.

  • The outgoing code is double zero then the country code (Example the United Kingdom would be 0044)
  • Area codes are in use in certain areas, for example 037 for rabat, 044 for Marrakech.
  • Be wary of using hotel phones, since many add large bills to abroad calls.
  • Two GSM Mobile networks are situated in the north of the country.
  • Internet cafes are in wide spread use in the main tourist areas.

This isn’t an entire guide on Morocco, but should help you start your research to the brilliance of the Moroccan country, but a start on your research of the great country.


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