Continuing our exploration of Germany this year, we thought we’d bring you a quick post on things to do in Germany this Christmas.

  1. The Christmas Markets
    The German Christmas markets are famous all over the world, and in recent years have been making an appearance in towns across the UK as well. But the for authentic experience we’d recommend you visit a German Christmas Market… in Germany; Cologne, Berlin, Nuremberg, Dresden, Munich, and Frankfurt all have amazing Christmas markets kicking off around the end of November – the perfect place to have a wander amongst the stalls and rediscover some of that magic and sparkle.
  2. Ice Skating
    Another romantic-tinged wintery pursuit available at anumber of sites across the major cities – there’s nothing quite like a graceful glide across the ice holding the hand of someone you love. No seriously – there is nothing like that when we go, as it’s mostly flailing, falling, and trying to avoid losing digits from someone else’s skate. Oh well, we’ll have forgotton the aching shins again by next year
  3. Karneval/Fasching
    The pre-lent festival starts on different dates depending on Easter – you can buy your Kostüme online from Horror Shop
  4. Eat
    German food and German hospitality is well renound for its heartyness and its generousity. What better time of year then the cold dark nights of winter to ensure that you are well fed, well oiled (see item 5) and full of fantastic German food
  5. Glühwein
    Well… what can we say – it’s a Christmas tradition for us wherever in the world we are, but on a cold wintery night, with the noise of the city around you – indulge in a little Glühwein and you’ll feel a whole lot more Christmassy inside


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