I’ve you’ve never had the chance to fly before you’ll be nervous first of all this get be rather intense at take off and landings, but neither worry I’m going to go over some commonly apparent flying fears in this article.

Generally scared

this often occurs with people who are flying for the very first time or who’ve never flown before.Millions of flights take to the skies year after years they could be taking Europeans on Antigua Holidays or Asian people on Vietnam holidays it’s irrelevant I’m just saying you never hear about the countless successful flights only the ones which suffer difficulties once every couple of years or so.The reason you are feeling distressed is the only Aviation related issue you’re exposed to via media sources.TV, radio and the internet.Ect is the the bad or troubled aviation news which you forget to realise happens only 0.02% of the time, so there’s no need to get wound up about something which isn’t likely to ever happen whilst you’re on board.

Will get altitude sickness?

Maybe it happens to the best of us, planes fly 38,000 feet above sea level but pressurize the cabin at 8,000 so it’s generally not that bad and Most people won’t even noticed a change, there’s little Bags in front of you so you can Barth in, I know it’s not very nice and everyone around you will hate you but someone has to do it at sometime and it’s more than likely you won’t be the only person in the cabin to do so, just hope you’re on a short haul flights not a London to Havana on Cuba holidays as the acidulous smell may get quite distinctive.

Do I trust the pilotHe might be intoxicated

Kids and adults alike look up to and respect them, they also have lots of money and women love men in uniform! Pilots are smart…so take into consideration that they have to be smart to even become pilots and I highly doubt a smart person expose would expose anyone there responsible for to any sort of danger.


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