I find myself lucky to be in the travel industry, being able to see so many sights and meet so many people, I have taken a range of different transports but none has ever excited me as much as cruising. Having gone on so many cruises, I have visited a huge amount of ports, some have amazed me and some have even put me off my whole holiday. Here are my favourite ports I have ever been to:

Top 5 ports

  1. Ocho Rios (Jamaica) – the port here is so beautiful, it gives you a proper Caribbean landing. As I looked over the boat to see where we were I could see palm trees, sandy beaches and buildings in the distance, it looked stunning. The boat docks right on the shore of the beach basically. You go along a bridge to reach the docking station, here I saw fishing boats, people swimming and fish jumping out the sea.


  1. Cozumel (Mexico) – this is one of the coolest looking ports I have ever been to, the ships dock in style in my opinion. They sort of park up in a “scene” stance to the side, this makes the ships look really cool. Another cool thing about this dock is that you go over an overpass straight into a shopping mall, so literally it has everything you need as soon as you port.


  1. Key West (Florida) – oh yes, this is one of my favourites. I think the reason for this is because they have the best key lime pie here in the world! Other than that this place is truly beautiful, you see dolphin and even sting rays in the water as you dock. I always remember coming here as a child and seeing all the wildlife in the ocean. If you get the chance then definitely go snorkelling here, so much wildlife, the sea is perfectly clear and trust me, you will have a good time.


  1. Athens (Greece) – this port is more of a luxury fancy port, it even smells nice. The port of Piraeus is only 30 minutes from the airport, 20 minute walk for the train which can take you anywhere in Greece. The port has shops, restaurants, cafes and anything you might need after coming from the ship.


  1. Venice (Italy) – this isn’t the best port in the world, but when you walk down the alleys of Venice, you can see your cruise ship for miles! It gives you a weird feeling inside of how monstrously big the ship is that you have just came from. I came of the allure of the seas onto this port and let me tell you, the magnitude was phenomenal. Also there is no place I have been to that is like Venice, it’s so unique and extraordinary.

Cruising is one of my favourite past times and I would recommend it to anyone, all of these locations are excellent for a first time cruiser, just have fun and enjoy yourself!


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