Cahuita National Park

Chris and I recently returned from a pleasant trip to Cahuita, (pronounced ca-wee-ta) Costa Rica and we came back with a slew of wildlife mementos to share. While the trip was purely a leisure vacation for us to clear our heads and get inspired for another year at ITM, we were met with such spectacular wildlife that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. Below is a slideshow of photos Chris took while we explored the trails of Cahuita National Park and the rain forests and beaches of Eastern Costa Rica. Enjoy!

Life is prolific in Costa Rica. Everywhere we turned – under every leaf and around every corner – there seemed to be some kind colorful creature. This small yellow beetle was found on a coffee plant in central Costa Rica.

The Little Town of Cahuita

The little town of Cahuita on the South Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is blessed with white and black sand beaches, lined with palms and giving way to jungle and abundant wildlife. Offering hotels, vacation rentals, hostels and BnBs, there’s accommodation options for everyone.

Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park is the highlight for most visitors to the area with its coral reefs, long sandy beaches, and trails through rainforest with monkeys swinging overhead.  Reggae beats and the aroma of Jerk chicken waft from the town’s restaurants and bars for a Jamaican feel in this culturally diverse corner of Central America.

With so much to see and do, use our website to make the most of your time in this Caribbean paradise.

Visiting the Cahuita National Park

You will begin your hike at the entrance of the Cahuita National Park with your guide, who will lead you through part of the 1067 hectares of protected rainforest trails. Your guide will point out and explain the diverse flora found — much of which has medicinal qualities — and the amazing fauna.  The Park is home to a wide variety of animals; Capuchin(White Face) and Howler(Congo) Monkeys, raccoons, watusas, sloths, snakes, lizards, spiders, Blue Morpho butterflies, birds and crabs. Pause and take a few photos of the panoramic view from Cahuita Point.

Duration: 2 ½ to 3 hours Hike Only.

Price: $20 Hike Only (2 person minimum)

Includes: guide, park entrance fee

What to bring: water, mosquito repellant, sun lotion, towel, change of clothes, bathing suit, comfortable walking sandals.


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